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It’s time for global logistics companies to get on the road to zero by 2030.

The Clean Mobility Collective (CMC) is a global network working to address the growing emission and public health crisis in the transport sector. Our Charge the Streets programs are working to ensure government policies and corporate actions. Together we will make sure streets are for people, not pollution.

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Black and white earth in background. There is red tag across the globe reading: Protect from heat (with a fire symbol). There is also a smaller black tag reading: Handle with care.

on their way to net-zero, but running late

While Amazon has made efforts to position itself as a sustainable leader, there’s still work to be done to match their actions with their words. As one of the largest emitters of carbon emissions among logistic companies, they are in a position to Deliver Change and inspire other companies to follow their lead. 

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We’re asking global logistics companies to Deliver Change and accelerate their net-zero goals. Change must start today for a sustainable future:

The IPCC’s most recent warning is unequivocal – the time remaining to avert irrevocable damage to our planet is vanishing. With two decades to eliminate emissions, and less than one decade to cut them in half, climate action must be a sprint. 

The truth is that despite their public commitments, delivery companies like Amazon are not practising what they preach on sustainability and climate change.

We need a delivery system that supports workers with fair and dignified jobs. Gig workers, especially those in last mile deliveries, are reeling from rising fuel costs, poor working conditions, and deteriorating air quality in cities and can benefit from an equitable transition to EVs.

Last mile delivery is a threat to our health. It pollutes our streets. We demand zero emissions deliveries that move us towards clean air for all.

The Network

We are building an international movement of activist groups, NGOs, and technical partners to support communities who are leading on locally relevant solutions and to scale up our impact through collaboration.

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