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The Problem: Last-Mile

Fossil fuel based transportation emissions are expected to be the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution in the next decades. E-commerce deliveries are on the rise - polluting streets and our lungs – undermining community health, especially for frontline communities.

In 2022, the Clean Mobility Collective and Stand.earth issued an e-commerce report. That report revealed that up to half of total delivery carbon emissions is from last mile delivery. “Last-mile’ delivery” is the final stage in a parcel’s journey from distribution depot to doorstep.

Millions of purchases mean millions of parcels. And that means millions of deliveries: vehicles clogging up streets, poisoning our air and warming the climate. Delivery companies like Amazon are behind the growing fossil-fueled e-commerce sector and are directly responsible for air pollution that negatively impacts people and the planet. 

Harms to human and planetary health are a cost of doing business for large corporations today. These corporations are making choices for communities that are disproportionately impacted by pollution and congestion. Environmental injustices are worsened with lower-income, frontline communities and workers suffering most from poor air quality.

We have the power change and must do more to speed the transition away from fossil-fuels. Corporations must commit and act to achieve 100% zero emissions deliveries by 2030. We need to organize, challenge, and work with decision makers to demand more ambitious and fairer policies and timelines. Amazon and companies like it must acknowledge the harmful effects of last-mile delivery. These corporations must take bolder action. Our future depends on it.

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AMAZON: on their way to net-zero, but running late

While Amazon has made efforts to position itself as a sustainable leader, there’s still work to be done to match their actions with their words. As one of the largest emitters of carbon emissions among logistic companies, they are in a position to Deliver Change and inspire other companies to follow their lead. 

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