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With our climate at a critical juncture, a new global movement is growing in response. One that centers the wellbeing of everyone in our community. Where people and goods move through cities and everyone can breathe clean air regardless of where they work and live.

We need a transport system that serves our needs without putting our health, safety and the planet at risk. We need a future where cities are developed holistically and bring together a range of sustainable solutions including promoting non-motorized and public transport that prioritizes people’s quality of life and health. Where corporations and local governments adopt ethical, inclusive and safe practices that actively contribute to the energy transition and both are held accountable.

Right now, there is a growing movement to tackle these problems and hold corporations accountable. People’s lives and health are at stake now and we cannot wait for the climate crisis to worsen even more before we see action.

With our research and campaigns, Stand.earth and the Clean Mobility Collective are exposing the hidden health and climate impacts of large  e-commerce and delivery companies that are making record-breaking profits, and holding those corporations accountable for reducing their pollution.

These companies can and must step up to protect families, communities, and the climate. Companies like Amazon need to know clean air and public health aren’t for sale. Together, we can move Amazon and other companies to commit to zero emissions deliveries by 2030.

These corporations are some of the wealthiest and most powerful entities in the world. Our work to clean up their emissions can catalyze their power to push for transformative change and ensure streets are for people, not pollution.


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We are a growing team of strategists, researchers, communicators, policy and issue experts — plus a powerful global network of donors, activists, and community members from every walk of life, united in our demand for transformational change.

The Clean Mobility Collective is a worldwide movement of organizations united around a common vision: to achieve fossil-free, healthy and safe cities for all. We believe we achieve our ambitions best when we coconspire – sharing strategies, successes and inspiration with organizations at the forefront of the climate crisis across the world. That’s why we are a collective, supporting a network of members who commit to shared values, vision and goals, while promoting space for individual creativity and growth.

The Network

We are building an international movement of activist groups, NGOs, and technical partners to support communities who are leading on locally relevant solutions and to scale up our impact through collaboration.

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